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glen_taylor_1765If you are trying to send me a MCCD email and cannot find me, that is because I go by my middle name Glen.  My full name is Mearl Glen Taylor, so you will find me at mearl.taylor.  Interesting, right!

I was born in Kansas, but spent most of my life in Texas.  I received two bachelor’s degrees at the University of Texas at Austin, namely a Bachelor of Science with a sociology minor, and a professional Bachelor of Architecture.  After a several years of frustration in owning and managing my own businesses by the “seat of my pants,” I went back and received an Executive MBA from Averett University in Virginia.

Using my degrees has allowed me to teach at several institutions of higher learning:  El Centro College in Dallas, TX, Albight College, Reading, PA, and the MCCD system in Phoenix.  I have taught sociology and business at several MCCD colleges, but have now found my home in the business department at PVCC, teaching the social business courses, including law/ethics, marketing and public relations.

I am happily married, have three children, seven grandchildren, a Scottish Terrier dog, and a motorhome for getting away from the big, bad world.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Vice President/Treasurer
  • E-mail address: glen.taylor@myafa.org