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  1. You need a Maricopa Enterprise Identity (MEID)
    1. Your Maricopa Enterprise Identity (MEID) – is used to log in to the Email system, the Student Information System (SIS), Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Canvas:
    2. Access My.Maricopa.edu and other Instructor resources with your MEID.
    3. Check out the Maricopa Online Orientation
  2. Human Resources Management System (HRMS)– is the system to access a variety of personal tools to view and update pertinent information:
    – Address Change
    – Viewing/Printing Paycheck
    – Direct Deposit
    – Tax Documents (W-4, W-2)
    – Worklist (Assignment awaiting your approval – HMRS > Worklist to Approve)
    – Training Information and Registration through Employee Organization Development (EOD)
    – Complete Annual Acknowledgements and Disclosures
    – Please read HRMS Basics for Faculty (pdf)
  3. Student Information System (SIS) is the system of record for all student transactions conducted within MCCCD:
    – View, download, and print a class roster
    – Review and submit a 45th Day Roster
    – Withdraw a student
    – Submit a final grade roster
    – Please read SIS Basics for Faculty (pdf)
  4. Understand the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and take the FERPA Tutorial following the directions here: Resources
  5. Complete Annual Acknowledgment and Disclosures (pdf)
    Please read Acknowledgements and Disclosures (pdf)
  6. Access your Maricopa Employee Email  – Under Arizona’s public records law, Adjunct Faculty are required to use Maricopa Gmail, for more information please read: Administrative Regulation 4.15 “Retrieval, Disclosure and Retention of Records.”
    – Please read Maricopa Google Mail (pdf) for more information on how to use Maricopa Gmail
    – Students also have access to Maricopa Student Gmail, click here to view
    – Faculty and Students can forward their Maricopa Student Gmail to another email account using these directions
  7. Learn how to use Canvas – Instructure Canvas is the Learning Management System adopted by nine out of ten Maricopa Community Colleges
    Canvas (Instructure) Help and Guides
    – Maricopa Canvas Support
For additional Technology Quick Reference Cards please review: Technology Training Materials.

Technology Quick Reference Cards were developed by the Center for Employee & Organizational Development (EOLT). For more information, please visit the Professional Development website .