breakout01Breakout Session 1

  • Transforming Your Classroom Assessment Techniques“.  Helica Agria, PC, presenter.
  • The Maze of Maricopa’s Resources:  Finding Your Way“.  Dee Dee Tapson, DO, presenter.
  • Flipped Classrooms“.  Lauren Roberts, SMCC, presenter.  Lauren Roberts, SMCC, presenter.
  • Cultural Misunderstandings and Assumptions Demystified“.  Tamika Sanders, EMCC, presenter.


Breakout Session 2

  • Go React“.  Daniel Greene, PVCC, presenter.
  • Differentiated Assignments“. Laura Kelly, MCC, presenter.
  • Service Learning is a Great Teaching Opportunity“.  Chris Krause, GCC, presenter.
  • Student Veterans“.  Miguel Fernandez, CGCC, et. al. presenters.



Breakout Session 3

  • Crossroads“.  Annapurna Ganesh, MCC, et. al. presenters.
  • AFA and You.”  Anthony Fusco, EMCC, et. al, presenters.
  • Seven Effective Teaching Skills“.  Alisa Beyer, PC, et. al. presenters.
  • Creating Inclusion in Your Classroom“.  Keisha Harrison, GCC, presenter.


Breakout Sessions IV

  • Poll Everywhere“. Daniel Greene, PVCC, presenter.  Room OSW-201
  • Transforming Reluctant Learners to Overachievers“.  Motoyuki Nakagome, GWCC, presenter.  Room OSS-110