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Play Ball! Register now for MCCCD Spring Training at a CTL Near You!

The MCCCD Centers for Teaching and Learning in concert with the Rio Salado Accessibility Team and the MCCCD Center for Employee and Organizational Development have developed an exciting new learning series – Maricopa League Spring Training. Beginning February 29 and throughout the month of March, faculty and staff professional development will be available at Maricopa campus and district locations in a number of formats including day, evening and online.

Each week, a different region of locations will be offering learning events, i.e. games. (You need to be using Google Chrome and logged into your Maricopa gmail account to see this link.)

Faculty and staff are encouraged to not only attend games (sessions) in their own regions, but also travel to other regions of the Valley. Collect trading cards and other incentives for attending Spring Training at your location or at other MCCCD locations! Watch for your campus specific Spring Training communications for details.

Click here for more information.

Check out the pictures from the 2017 Adjunct Faculty Town Hall
Saturday, March 11 from 10:00 am until 11:30

It was at the Phoenix College – Osborn campus in the Willow Room.

Check out the web page for further information and pictures from last year.

Learning and Engagement for Adjunct Development (LEAD)

The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI) works with our Adjunct Faculty Association to provide two events for adjunct faculty.

Check out the Learning and Engagement for Adjunct Development page for more information and photos of past events.

See also Adjunct Faculty Support Summary.

The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI) provides resources for both adjunct and full-time faculty.

Maricopa Excellence in Teaching: The MCLI hosts the Maricopa Excellence in Teaching in May. Residential and adjunct faculty members, representing a variety of disciplines, gather at this five-day event for an exchange of learning, teaching, and philosophy through facilitated sessions. The focus of discussion and activities is on innovations and challenges in education. Facilitated sessions provided the opportunity for teachers to teach teachers from their varied experiences in student engagement.

MCLI’s Teaching & Learning with Technology Conference (Free):  Each spring MCLI hosts the Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference. The goal of the annual Technology Conference is to encourage attendees to think critically about the current state of higher education and how technology can play a positive role in addressing the challenges that both students and educators continue to face. The conference provides a variety of technology learning sessions and serves as a platform for open dialogue on analyzing the traditional perspectives of higher education, and how to utilize the benefits of learning technologies and advanced instructional innovations to encourage student success.

Here’s the highlights from MCLI’s 2015 Teaching & Learning with Technology Conference.

The Keynote Speaker was Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist, Google, Inc. Casap talked about how college used to be “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and that today’s students see education as the means to solve a problem; so what knowledge, skills and abilities does the student need to solve that problem.

Casap says the new model of education is iteration. You do the homework over and over again until you get the correct answer (or get an A on the assignment).

Our role as an instructor is not to lecture, but rather to guide our students with good strategies – i.e. to complete the homework in the least amount of time: go through the steps using the coursebook and then go online and complete the online assignments. The students that work “smart” use that process. The students who work “hard” skip the coursebook and do the online assignments from three to ten times.

Learning through your Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Many students take the summer off and, as adjuncts, we may not have courses to teach. So it’s a great time to update our courses and learn new skills. Your campus’ Center for Teaching and Learning is a great resource for that. Stop by for some one-on-one assistance

MCC’s Camp Innovate (Free) After the spring semester ends, Mesa Community College has Camp Innovation. All campuses are invited to participate either as a session leader or a participant. Event topics will include Accessibility/Captioning, Digital Tools, Video Production, Lesson Design, Virtual Reality, Broadcasting, Copyright, Canvas and more!

Other workshops

  • Many workshops are free to adjunct faculty
  • There are also seminars that may have a cost
  • Adjunct faculty can utilize up to $750 per year in Adjunct Faculty Professional Growth funds to cover or offset the cost of attendance
Course Title Code Location

Advanced Medical Transcription

AMT-110 On Campus

Bachelor of Information Technology


Electrical Apprenticeship

EAP-300 On Campus

Master of Information Technology