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gcc-main-campus-central-mall-280x220Glendale Community College, an institution with a communal presence for 50 years, boasts an innovative, supportive curriculum where students throughout the West Valley (and beyond) can come and rise to their full potential.

Founded in 1965, the college became a unique testament to a community’s focused desire for an institution of higher learning.

Glendale Community College consists of 147 acres of beautiful flora and fauna where an afternoon’s walk across campus becomes a blissful respite even amongst the sights and sounds of the city.  With its commitment to sustainability, technological advancement and burgeoning partnerships, Glendale stands as a pillar and a beacon of hope to all who thirst for it.

Glendale possesses a diverse student body, offers up 44 unique majors and 65 certificate programs, and hosts a newly refurbished Center for the Performing Arts and the Chrysler Training Facility.

The college also enjoys a host of student activities, clubs, and opportunities.

The Center for Learning and Writing Center offer tutoring help and the Career and Counseling Center provide aid for career advice and support for better mental health and mindfulness.