The Adjunct Faculty Association Board consists of officers plus representatives from each of the Maricopa Colleges. Board members serve as liaisons and communicators – representing the interests of the thousands of Maricopa Adjuncts.

Under well-established principles of nonprofit corporation law, a board member must meet certain standards of conduct and attention in carrying out their responsibilities to the organization.


  • Care Exercise reasonable care in decisions
  • The level of competence expected of a board member in making decisions as a steward of an organization commonly expressed as the duty of care that an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in a like position and under similar circumstances
  • Loyalty Undivided allegiance to organization in actions
  • A board member must give undivided allegiance when making decisions affecting the organization.
  • A board member can never use information obtained as a member for personal gain, but must act in the best interests of the organization
  • Obedience Serve the organization’s mission in actions
  • Board members must be faithful to the organization’s mission. They are not permitted to act in a way that is inconsistent with the central goals of the organization. Contributors must trust that the organization will manage donated funds to fulfill the organization’s mission.


Attend Board and committee meetings and events

  • Be Informed about mission, services, policies and programs
  • Prepare for meetings
  • Actively Serve on committees
  • Financially Contribute to the organization
  • Educate others on the organization
  • Foster volunteer involvement
  • Keep up-to-date on developments in the community
  • Maintain confidentiality and avoid conflicts-of-interest
  • Assist in carrying out organization’s fiduciary responsibilities

Board Members

For a list of who is on the board, please visit our Board Member page