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Local Campuses

Your local campuses have various wellness programs available. You can always use your tuition waiver for a fitness class, and some campuses have non-credit classes. Most campuses have a fitness center available for employees – some are also for students. There are varying rates for those programs. There is a list, (that I will get to you ASAP), of representatives at each campus who can give you more information. 

The Wellness Portal 360

The Wellness Portal 360 is very exciting and available to all employees. Membership for an adjunct and an another adult in the household is $25 a year, (paid through a payroll deduction), and gives access to many health and wellness-related tools, including various health trackers, including activity, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The program includes some really cool incentives and rewards. Take a look at the site and check out the information. If you use a Fitbit, or something similar, you can use it with the portal.

NOTE: The window to sign up will be before the end of August. Watch for the email to join. When it is announced, you will have approximately a month to sign-up. 

ANOTHER NOTE: Considering privacy: no one but you can see your individual data. The district can only see group data in terms of percentages; for example, percentage of people who are stressed by balancing work and family. 

YET ANOTHER NOTE: there is a program called ‘Wellness Incentive Dollars”, which is for full-time employees – not related to programs listed here). 

Center for Employee and Organizational Development 

Search their website and be informed on various articles, classes and programs available. Check out instructional help, practice interviews, mentoring—Including the Creative Pathways site. Spending time on this and other pages would be great preparation if your goals include a residential position. 

“Company” Store

Benefits include all kinds of deals-tickets for movies, Golfland, or something major like Legoland, Even company mugs. There are discounts on cell phones and on your plans. The local store is on the first floor at the District Office, but many things can be ordered through interoffice mail or self-addressed envelopes. Check out more here.